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Baum Cemetery was founded in 1890 by Jacob and Rachael Baum. The cemetery was established to provide a final resting place for Jacob, Rachael, their children and descendants.

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As a non-profit, we rely on donations to cover the regular expenses required to upkeep the cemetery. Any amount you can contribute is a huge help and ensures we can pay for landscaping and repairs to keep the cemetery a beautiful resting place for our ancestors and community. No amount is too small, even $10. Baum Cemetery Inc. is a 501(c)(13) and donations may be eligible for tax deduction.To donate, you can address a check to Baum Cemetery Inc. and mail it to [ADDRESS]. Contact us with any questions using the form below.

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Ancestors Buried in Baum Cemetery

Learn more about who rests within Baum Cemetery. If you notice incorrect information or can provide details for any unknown dates, let us know through the contact form.

NameDate of birthDate of death
Louis AdlerUnknown12/14/1896
Millie Adler4/21/187811/27/1898
Anna Adler18796/12/1935
Morris AdlerUnknownUnknown
Henry Adler12/13/18675/8/1931
Louis Adler18711942
Anna AdlerUnknownUnknown
Charles Adler19011936
William Adler19101969
Louis Adler18961952
Jerome Adler19051983
Mildred AdlerUnknownUnknown
Edward Jacob Adler8/31/19053/3/1973
Minna Adler5/21/18506/14/1913
Amelia AdlerUnknownUnknown
Josephine Adler3/19/18683/2/1933
Anne Adler SternUnknownUnknown
Muriel Adler10/2/19299/13/1956
Bertha Adler7/27/189210/1/1968
Charles Adler5/24/18941/10/1987
Daniel Adler Jr.5/31/19815/29/2001
Grace R Adler6/14/19042/12/1966
Henry Joseph Adler8/8/19344/13/1965
Leo Adler2/20/18889/3/1954
Martha (Margulies) Adler8/3/19039/16/1987
Rachael BaumUnknown6/26/1901
Moses Baum6/16/18569/19/1911
Aaron K Baum8/6/186412/25/1937
Caroline Baum18741901
Father (Jona) Baum18341902
Henry Baum18651948
Mother Dora Baum18333/19/1903
Jacob Baum6/23/183411/15/1890
Barry Bernstein6/11/191910/4/2007
Hank Bernstein10/9/194611/22/2009
Natalie Bernstein3/26/19211/22/1981
Barbara Elaine Bernstein9/9/19219/11/1996
Sadie Bernstein12/11/188711/16/1976
Melville Baum Bernstein7/9/18867/4/1958
Frances BernsteinUnknownUnknown
Sigmund Bernstein7/31/18496/26/1916
Algernon Bernstein8/23/18799/27/1944
Jennie Bernstein (Baum)8/2/18587/17/1925
Joseph Bloch18308/13/1909
Anna Bloch6/3/18325/27/1898
Sidney Braziller6/22/192711/24/1996
Julius Cohen9/28/18712/20/1900
Samuel Cohen18566/14/1926
Susanna Cohen (Baum)18541918
Louis Cohn3/12/18685/6/1930
Ottilia Cohn8/27/18696/7/1937
Charles Cohn1/14/188910/29/1940
Samuel CushmanUnknownUnknown
Daisy Cushman (Bernstein)18889/21/1974
Dora Frank18688/16/1932
David Frank18661949
Morris FrankelUnknown11/17/1905
William FrankelUnknown2/4/1896
Sol FrankelUnknown1/25/1908
Esther FrankelUnknown12/29/1936
Bernard Friedman9/1/18923/23/1965
Malvena Friedman3/14/18905/21/1966
Mary FriesUnknownUnknown
Ida Fries6/1/18696/12/1950
Jacob Gore18881927
Morton J. Hornick11/17/19216/1/1988
Lita (Rothbard) Hornick2/9/19271/21/2000
Israel James Kalkut18447/6/1923
Rokhel Rachel (Jankowsky) Kalkut18453/5/1923
Freddie Kauder2/95/1/1893
Leon Kauder11/20/18915/16/1898
Adolph Kigler18484/24/1895
Ester Loria Kigler1846May 16 1915
Isaac Kigler6/287/2/1907
Samuel Kigler18741960
Fred Kigler18901961
Joseph Kigler18811950
Sigmund Kupfer1/18/19252007
Jacqueline Kupferberg (Bernstein)UnknownUnknown
JNS LevyUnknown7/16/1896
M LichensteinUnknown1897
Daisy LichtensteinUnknown4/1/1894
Aaron MayerUnknownUnknown
Sadie Mayer (Baum)UnknownUnknown
Murial MellionUnknownUnknown
Elsie (Frank) Mellion18941926
Murial MellionUnknownUnknown
Hugo Mellion18881970
Murial Mellion19171922
Albert MellionUnknownUnknown
Albert (Child) Mellion19151915
Annette (Panken) Mellion4/17/19232/6/2001
Elaine H (Morgenbesser) Mellion8/31/193010/15/2014
Franklyn (Bauer) Mellion3/4/19254/29/2005
Abraham MurdockUnknown8/21/1896
Leo RiceUnknownUnknown
Louise Rice (Bernstein)UnknownUnknown
Esther Rich (Baum)12/16/186111/15/1899
Jeanne Rich (Baum)UnknownUnknown
Jay Rich (Baum)4/19/189611/3/1982
Edward RobinsonUnknown4/24/1897
Samuel Saul18851914
Adolph Saul4/5/18528/2/1921
Minnie Saul10/1/18618/15/1912
Rosa Saul10/9/18738/26/1966
Louis H. Saul18931914
Clara SellerUnknownUnknown
Jacob SemsonUnknownUnknown
Mark Silberberg11/27/19065/5/1966
Bertha Silberberg6/23/19095/21/1999
Henry Simon8/7/18922/1/1894
Essie SimonUnknown7/15/1896
Louis SpiegelUnknown8/28/1899
Edward Seigel3/3/18969/6/1975
Reuben SeigelUnknown9/28/1898
Edward SpiegelUnknownUnknown
Bertha Spiegel18721951
Abe Stern188711/17/1969
Isaac Stern18571910
Isaac StorkUnknownUnknown
Jonathan Waschauer5/7/188610/22/1906
Elias Waschauer5/28/18871/23/1906
Michael WaschauerUnknownUnknown
Ellie WaschauerUnknownUnknown
Emilie Waschauer1/14/18564/14/1929
Father WaschauerUnknownUnknown
Michael Waschauer10/28/18932/17/1976
Mother WaschauerUnknownUnknown
Frederic Waschauer9/23/198010/6/1938
Lillian Waschauer9/5/19006/1/1972
Blanche Weiss8/31/190412/8/1992
Sidney Weiss9/13/190211/6/1976
Margie Weiss7/27/194411/6/1976
Marjorie Windheim21/03/193417/11/2018